AKB48ステージファイター2 バトルフェスティバル Version 1.8.0

AKB48ステージファイター2 バトルフェスティバル Version 1.8.0

Description of AKB48ステージファイター2 バトルフェスティバル

「AKB48ステージファイター2 バトルフェスティバル(バトフェス)」がついに登場!

◇◆ 今度はみんなで共闘ガチバトル!! ◆◇

◇◆ ゲームで推せばリアルでも推せる! ◆◇

◇◆ ここでしか見れないオリジナル衣装が多数登場!! ◆◇

◇◆ 「クエスト」バトルで様々なアイテムやカードをGet!! ◆◇

◇◆ オリジナルボイスが聴ける!アバター衣装を着せ替え! ◆◇

Android(TM)端末: Android4.4以上(RAM2GB以上)

©AKS ©GREE, Inc. ©Pokelabo, Inc.It will decide the centerin the “united front Gachibatoru! “
AKB48’s new Sumahogemu
“AKB48 stage Fighter 2 Battle Festival (Batofesu)” is finallyhere!

◇ ◆ This time, with everyone united front Gachibatoru! ! ◆ ◇
It broke out hot battle to compete for center in the fist! ?
By winning in real-time guild battle of up to 16 people versus 16people that unfolds every day,
A variety of items to Get, trying to grow a pushing-Men!
AKB48 became the coach of the members (hereinafter referred to as”pushing Men”) You, and participate in battle, it can be formed aguild.
And this time of the battle, with fellow “bonds” is the mostkey!
To fight in a team play, such as assistance in the attacks andAKB48 quiz in mystery! !

◇ ◆ Oseru in real Osha in the game! ◆ ◇
Cheer for your favorite pushing members in the game.
CM selection! ? Tokyo huge ad selection! ? He held a variety ofreal interlocking events scheduled!

◇ ◆ appeared in original costumes are a number that can not be seenonly here! ! ◆ ◇
Members of card you are wearing a costume that was created just forthis game appeared a large number!
Since also it appears unusual costumes and poses that can not beseen only in “Batofesu”
Keep an eye on the cute members! ?

◇ ◆ “quest” Get a variety of items and cards in the battle! ! ◆◇
Pushing to grow the Men, to defeat the enemy that appears in the”quest” battle, trying to win the item. In addition, by puttingyour hand won a lot of AKB48 members card in the battle, the secretof the game be divided to the strongest of the deck!
“Quest” battle, but you can play even one person, it is a fellowwith the “united front” in the game, it will be able to defeat amore powerful enemy.

◇ ◆ original voice to listen! Dress your avatar costume! ◆ ◇
AKB48 you can listen to the original voice of all members in avariety of situations. When the battle is asked to support thepushing members, when the victory pushing Yorokoberu along with theMen!
You can also sort dress an avatar of himself to manipulate “pushingMen” in your favorite costume.

[Target environment]
Android (TM) terminal: Android4.4 or more (more than RAM2GB)

© AKS © GREE, Inc. © Pokelabo, Inc.

App Information of AKB48ステージファイター2 バトルフェスティバル

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