Call Break Version 1.0

Call Break Version 1.0

4.2 (4,022)Card, Gamesby

Description of Call Break

Call Break is a strategic trick-based cardgame played by four players with a standard deck of 52 playingcards. The game is widely popular in Nepal and some places inIndia.

Call Break is being constantly updated in order to give you abetter experience. If you have any issues, we request you to mailus at our support id rather than giving us a negative review.

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The game is very similar to other trick-based game especiallySpades. In Call Break the term “hand” is used instead of trick, and”Call” is used instead of bid. After each deal player have to makea “Call” or “bid” for the number of hands he/she can capture, andthe objective is to capture at least that many hand in a round, andtry to break other player i.e. stop them from getting their Call.After each round, points will be calculated and after five roundsof play each players five rounds points will be added as a totalpoints and player with highest total point will win.

Deal & Call

There will be five rounds of play or five deals in a game. Firstdealer will be chosen randomly and after that, the turn to dealrotates clockwise from first dealer. Dealer will deal all 52 cardsto four players i.e. 13 each. After the completion of each deal,player left to dealer will make a Call – which is a number ofhands( or tricks) he/she thinks will probably going to capture, andcall moves again in clockwise to next player until all 4 playersfinished calling.

The play

After each player completes their call, player next to dealer willmake the first move, this first player can throw any card, suitthrown by this player will be the led suit and each player afterhim/her must follow the higher rank of same suit, if they don’thave higher ranked same suit then they must follow with any card ofthis led suit, if they don’t have this suit at all then they mustbreak this suit by the trump card( which is Spade of any rank), ifthey don’t have spade also then they can throw any other card. Thehighest card of the led suit will capture the hand, but if the ledsuit was broken by spade(s), then in this case highest ranked cardof spade will capture the hand. The winner of a hand will leads tothe next hand. In this way the round continues until the completionof 13 hands and after that next deal will begin.


After each round, points will be updated for every player. If aplayer captured at least the number of call he/she had made, thenfor every call to capture a player made – one point is given tothat player and for extra captures – a single digit decimal of thisextra capture number will be added to the points total i.e. ifsomeone had made a call of 4 and he captured 5 hands then he willbe given 4.1 or if the call was 3 then point would have been 3.2.But if a player didn’t capture the call that he had made, then thetotal number of call would be subtracted from his total.


At the end of fifth round the winner will be decided, player withhigher total points will win the game.

Its also known as Lakdi/Lakadi in India.

App Information of Call Break

App Name Call Break
Package Name
Version 1.0
Rating 4.2 ( 4,022 )
Size 12.6 MB
Requirement Android 2.3.3 and up
Updated 2016-03-23
Installs 100,000 - 500,000
Category Card, Games

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