Remove penis Hair Version

Remove penis Hair Version

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Bringing a sharp instrument close to your genitals can be intimidating; but with preparation, time, and practice, manscaping can be an easy task. You may want to shave the hair from your scrotum the first time in your bathroom, to remove the long hairs. This is described below. But afterwards, the easiest way to shave your scrotum on an ongoing basis is to do it when you are lying on your bed on your back. A double-blade razor works really well. You should shave every few days this way. You do not need to use shaving cream.

No matter what method or combination of methods you choose, be careful down there. The genital skin is very soft and thin and can easily be injured. Open skin lesions will also take longer to heal since the skin gets stretched by erections.

Hair removal methods used on other parts of the body, such as waxing, should not be done on the genitals.

Hair Removal Options


Since the skin is so delicate, waxing can easily burn the thin skin on the penis, scrotum and perineum, even if the wax temperature may be adequate for the arms or legs. Also, cold wax should be avoided since ripping the wax strip may tear the elastic skin and damage nerve endings.


Don’t even think about using hair epilation on the penis! An epilator is like plucking, only worse since it yanks out multiple hair strands all at once.


This may be the simplest method to remove the hairs. Wet the area thoroughly to reduce friction and, for those uncircumcised, pull the foreskin forward. Slowly drag the blade over the hairs, trying for one clean pass. Avoid using shaving cream as you won’t be able to see ridges & folds. Nicks and cuts on the penis will be uncomfortable.

Razors cut the hairs off at the surface of the skin and the pubic hair will regrow sharp & bristly. Frequent shaving, perhaps every couple of days, should avoid any scrubby brush. Make it another male body hair removal chore at home.

Make sure to exfoliate & moisturize the penile skin regularly to encourage the hairs to grow straight out of the follicle. If it grows into the skin, a pustule will form that will try to force the hair out of the body.

White bumps sometimes appear after shaving. It’s normal for the hair follicle to produce pustules after its strand has been lifted & sheared. In a few days, they will usually disappear. Try not to squeeze these pimples as it will rupture the skin and will take longer to heal.

Laser Hair Removal

Talk to a dermatologist first. Every physician is different and he or she may have the experience to modify the parameters of the laser for hair removal so as to not damage the surrounding tissue.

Inquire to see if there’s a price premium for penis hair removal and ask as many questions as you need to in order to feel comfortable with the procedure.

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